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Welcome to the PROBUS Canada Club Reference Guide, where PROBUS Clubs Management Teams can easily access current information about the day-to-day administration and operation of PROBUS Clubs. This development was initiated by the Board of Directors in October 2021, recognizing clubs' current and prior year's requests for more information about club operations in a contemporary and accessible format.

The Board Club Reference Guide Committee used Survey Monkey to canvass Canada's 252 Clubs, requesting input about content and suggested topics to address. The Committee received input from 166 Clubs (65% response rate) in addition to input from individual Presidents, Management Teams, and Directors. This high response rate demonstrates a dynamic feedback process that resulted in the development of this Club-driven Club Reference Guide. Thanks to all who responded.

All documents that are not Constitutional, suggested Club Bylaws, or Board Policy represent suggested guidance that each Club may use or modify as it deems appropriate. Clubs may develop an operations policy manual that incorporates the various suggested guidelines and add their own policies that address Club local guidance and direction. These Club policies can help keep a Management Team and Club members on track.

This Club Reference Guide is an easy reference tool that may guide club Management Teams' governance and operational activities. Clubs may find it helpful to help orient and train new Management Team members and assist seasoned club members in applying consistent ways to operate. Sometimes Clubs will face issues where no universally agreed guidelines may exist. For example, COVID-19 Protocols evolved, and in the case of PROBUS, the Board of Directors created suggested ways for Clubs to adapt to the pandemic. When uncharted waters occur and questions prevail, please contact your PROBUS Canada District Director to discuss and find solutions.

The Club Reference Guide is a living guide that will be updated as conditions change or new circumstances arise. Although this Guide is not Board Policy, the Board of Directors approves the current production and future amendments or additions to the Guide. Any changes approved by the Board in the future shall update the Club Reference Guide.  

Respectfully prepared by the Board's Club Reference Guide Committee:

Brenda Andrews (ON Dist. #2), Dennis Pommen (Alberta), Inga Thomson Hilton (BC Dist. #3) 

Cover page (PDF)  - useful when producing a printed copy of the Club Reference Guide