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Browse through the About Us section to learn if a Probus club could be a fit for you. If you are interested in joining a club, search through our club directory to find one near you. You can either use the datasheet below or, if you prefer, pan and zoom through this interactive map

To use the datasheet efficiently, start typing your city's name into the box to the right of Search, and you will see any clubs that contain that string. Or, use your postal code, e.g. N0H. Under Club Contact you'll find a way to reach out via email or a visit to their website.

To get all the information for a particular club, click on the green icon on the left side. The icon turns red when the information is expanded and you can close this information again by clicking on this red icon.

This Club Directory listing may only be used by current or prospective members of PROBUS Canada clubs. 

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