Marketing Material

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8.5" x 11"
Microsoft PowerPoint (PPTX)

Rack Card

3.5" x 8.5" and 4" x 9"
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Business Card (single)

2" x 3.5"
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Business Cards (sheet)

2" x 3.5"
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8.5" x 11", 2 color schemes
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16 x 9
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2" x 8"
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Media Release Probus Month Template.docx

Media Release

Probus Month

Videos for prospective members

Two short videos were produced in 2024 to introduce Probus to prospective members. These videos can be incorporated into club websites using the YouTube links, or they can be downloaded in MP4 format to be played on a local computer.

Short version (20 seconds)
Download as MP4 (23 MB)

Long version (46 seconds)
Download as MP4 (53 MB)

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Style Guide

Logo Emblem


The PROBUS Canada logo can be downloaded in several versions. Color variations of the logo – white, greyscale, black - are available on request.

Color Specification – Purple and Gold – are provided on the above webpage. 


PROBUS Canada – Used when writing the full name of the organization. (PROBUS is all caps, Canada is not). 

Probus – Used when written alone in a sentence (Only first letter is capitalized) 

Club Names – Clubs can decide whether to capitalize Probus in the name of their clubs. Examples: The PROBUS Club of ___; The Probus Club of ___; THE PROBUS CLUB OF ___ 


Heading Verdana Bold
Subheading Verdana Regular
Body Calibri 

Alignment Use left or justified. Center alignment is only to be used for special documents such as flyers and certificates. 


Get Connected, Stay Connected – It should always be written with the first word of each part in bold. 


Ensure that all photos used in literature are not copyrighted. If using photos contributed by club members, ensure that all identifiable persons have given their written consent.