Retired Officers & Members


First Board Chairman

Bert Klinkhammer

(Elected by the Board 1995-7)

Bert, a PIONEER of Probus in Canada, held office as Chair of the Board at Annual Meetings, as well as regular attendance at Executive meetings, guiding the transition from incorporation in 1995 until April, 1996. From Cambridge Ontario, he was the charter President of the first PROBUS CLUB in Canada at Cambridge, Bert set an admirable example of what PROBUS is all about. Beginning in May 1988 Bert served for four years as the convenor of two meetings each year of the few starting PROBUS CLUBS in Ontario. At these meetings, attended by current club Presidents and Vice-Presidents, fellowship and an exchange of ideas on how best to improve the growth of PROBUS clubs was paramount.

He spoke about PROBUS on many occasions and in 1995 worked with a small committee to incorporate PROBUS CENTRE-CANADA to guarantee continuance of the movement in Canada.

First Board Secretary

Carl Ingebertson

(Elected by the Board 1995-6)

A PIONEER of Probus in Canada, Carl held office as Secretary at Annual Meetings, as well as regular attendance at Executive meetings, helping in the transition from incorporation in 1995 until April, 1997. He was, and is, extremely active in forming new Probus Clubs. He also carried out excellent venues for Annual meetings during the first two years if Incorporation.

Carl followed up on his chance meeting with a member of PROBUS on a trip to Ireland by persuading the Rotary Club of Brampton, of which he is a Past President, to sponsor the PROBUS CLUB of Brampton. He served as the first President and established the form of meeting that has led to its success.

Carl has assisted with the formation of the Womens' PROBUS CLUB of Brampton and other new clubs at Mississauga Centre and Bolton.

As Secretary of PROBUS CENTRE-CANADA, INC. his duties and interests have now extended to the growth of PROBUS across Canada with particular resonsibilities as PROBUS Chairman for Rotary District 7080.

He spoke about PROBUS on many occasions to guarantee continued growth in Canada.

Charter Board Member

Evan (Bud) Casey

(Selected by the Board 1996-7)

Bud was an original member of the board after its incorporation in 1995 and until December 31, 1997, providing invaluable service to Probus Centre and the Probus Clubs in Alberta, and assistance in the continuity of support to clubs in that province. There were six clubs in Alberta on the date of his retirement. 

Charter Board Member

Jim Wortley

(Selected by the Board 1996-7)

A member of the Board of Probus Centre - Canada, Inc., Jim was an original member of the board after its incorporation in 1995 and until December 31, 1997, providing invaluable service to Probus Centre and the Probus Clubs in British Columbia, and assistance in the continuity of support to clubs in that province. There were fourteen clubs in British Columbia on the date of his retirement. 

Co-Publisher of first Web Page


(Appointed 1996-8)

June is from Winnipeg, a charter member of The Probus Club of Pretty River in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada, and was awarded recognition in 1979 by Toronto-Don Mills Rotary Club as a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow, for her work on behalf of Rotary. She is a former nurse, and with Bud (see separately) have two children and four grandchildren.

She contributed to Probus growth as co-publisher and editor of the first Probus Web Page in the World which began in December, 1996. Before leaving she shared in the preparation and regular editing of 180 linked pages as well as the beginning of Probus in Mexico through Web Page support.

Formerly Treasurer, and then Board Chairman, 1998-9, Co-Publisher and creator of the first worldwide Probus Web Page

Bud Crookes

Bud Crookes, C.A. of Collingwood, Ontario. is from Winnipeg, a semi-retired Financial Manager, a life member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario, a Past District Governor in District 7070 of Rotary in Southern Ontario around Toronto, subsequently since 1983 living in District 7010.

Impressed with PROBUS after a 1987 visit to Australia/New Zealand, he assisted the Rotary Clubs of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach in forming the PROBUS CLUB of Georgian Triangle (now called Collingwood), and became charter President. That club has operated with 250 members as the largest in Canada for several years since it began October 1987. The impetus through activity of two Rotary Clubs, one in Wasaga Beach, one in Collingwood, resulted by 1998 in 7 clubs and 1000 members through the local Rotary Club sponsorship. In 1999, he visited Leon, Mexico to encourage the expansion of Probus in Mexico.

Eight other new PROBUS CLUBS were initiated in and around other Rotary Areas of Central and Northern Ontario.

An Executive member, he helped incorporate PROBUS CENTRE-CANADA, INC. on August 1st, 1995, and managed finances.

In 1997 he became Chairman of Probus-Centre (Canada) Inc. to further assist John Morris in his efforts, and developed a Promotional program for Rotary with 44 Past Governors across Canada, to inform and assist Rotary in new Probus club formation, with the objective: "Every town and city in Canada needs a Probus Club."

Volunteer Publishers of PROBEX

Alan and Fran Wardle

(Appointed 1997-8)

Alan and Fran started the concept of free home and car exchange between Probians of different countries, so that only air fare cost would be incurred for travel. Several registered but it was a slow building-up process. In the meantime Alan had to withdraw from the leadership because of health reasons.

A great deal of time was spent setting up this system, and Probus Centre has expressed thanks for such an effort.

Alan and Fran have our wishes for better health, and much happiness, with a hope that in future years someone can pick it up and promote this excellent concept further.

Regional Board Member 1996-9

George Grummett

Burlington, Ontario

(Deceased 2000)

A Past President of the Rotary Club of Burlington, George has been responsible for organizing the three PROBUS CLUBS in Burlington. He has assisted with clubs at Alliston, Hamilton, Brampton, Kitchener, Mississauga and Woodstock.

George has spoken at several Rotary Clubs, followed up with phone calls and mailed promotion material to several in District 7080 at his own expense. RETIRED 1999 as Regional Member after having helped in the fast development in Ontario since early beginnings in Canada.

Regional Board Member 1996-9

Bill Edwards

Southampton, Ontario

Service as President of the vital PROBUS CLUB of Port Elgin and District fitted Bill to succeed Bert Klinkhammer as the leader for two years of the semi-annual meetings of the PROBUS CLUBS of Ontario.

He was responsible for promoting that financial backing of PROBUS CENTRE-CANADA could be met by an annual contribution of $1 per member from each club, during his term of service with the association of Probus Clubs in Ontario. Bill has made a continuing effort to extend PROBUS in Bruce & Grey Counties.

Regional Board Member 1996-9

Bob Junkers

Calgary, Alberta

Actively supported and developed Probus through efforts in Southern Alberta. Both Calgary and the new Lethbridge Probus Club are now each over 100 members and are the flagships for future growth. 

Probus Canada Website Publisher 1998-2010

Bernie Nadeau

Wasaga Beach, Ontario

Bernie, a Life Member of the Probus Club of Wasaga Beach, Ontario, assumed the role of Webmaster (Publisher) of the Probus Website from Bud and June Crookes in 1998. In the following twelve years Bernie oversaw the rapid expansion of the Probus Website to its present format and from 2002 was assisted by Brian Kirkwood . Bernie stepped down from the Webmaster's position in March 2010 and handed over the Webmaster reins to Brian.