• When I first moved to Nanaimo I was invited to attend PROBUS meetings and joined various activities. I could not join the club because it was so popular there was a waiting list. Having later become a member I felt more comfortable attending events but need not have worried because I was welcomed regardless and have made numerous friends since those early days. PROBUS clubs provide a wonderful opportunity for those of us who are either semi- or fully retired and wish to find a "home". - Trevor

  • In 2001 the Lantzeville President called for more members. My retired Rotary club member husband, phoned the President and over coffee they discovered they had done business in Edmonton, Alberta with a salesman, my husbands brother . We joined Lantzeville PROBUS and live in central Nanaimo. We soon made friends. Members have been there for us in sickness and health. They supported me when my husband passed in 2016 with so many members attending his funeral. At present I am writing with the ‘Memoir’s Writing group”. Through the years there have been so many activity groups: crafts, bridge, dinning out, golf, hiking, walking, theatre, choir, book clubs, camping, BBQ’s , Appetizers and drinks in members homes and bus trips. Yes I highly endorse Lantzeville PROBUS as we, like good Wine age together. - Mary Lou

  • A new PROBUS club was formed the year after we retired to Vancouver Island from Ontario in 2000. From hardly knowing anyone, we soon got caught up in a variety of activities, got involved in the management of the PROBUS club and made new friends that we have to this day. We always credit PROBUS with our happiness in our new location. - Carol & John

  • The Lantzville PROBUS has become a major part of my ‘family of friends’ now that I have been living alone for the past thirteen years. It is the fabric for my social life, reading, photography, kayaking, walking and opportunity for leadership and learning new things. In short, it is a blessing in my life. - Margaret


  • I've been a member of our local PROBUS Northumberland for three years now. My wife and I were approached some eight years ago and asked if we would like to attend a meeting. I was the reluctant one, not really interested in spending a couple of hours, twice monthly, in a hall socializing and listening to guest speakers. My loss!

  • I lived in Cobourg for 64 years, arriving in in this warm and welcoming town in my early teens. The demographic and the faces of Cobourg have changed significantly in those 64 years. Joining our local Probus has opened up a whole new world, new friends, new fun times, theatre, golf, BBQs, dining, bowling, socializing, partying, this list goes on and on. There is not a better way for a senior to enjoy ones waning years, then taking out a membership in PROBUS Northumberland.

  • PROBUS is the icing on the cake for those taking full advantage of the many wonderful things on offering during our retirement years - Ron


  • We enjoyed a Rotary friendship exchange to Australia and they ranted and raved about PROBUS. After 5 years of trying to get our Rotary club to sponsor a club we finally got approval. I was the conveyor of our first club and within 4 years we maxed out our membership. We then started a second club and it now has 190 members. I am now in the stages of starting a third club and have 40 members interested.

  • Why I joined PROBUS - It is a great club with no fund raising, non political and non religious. I enjoy the excellent monthly speakers and monthly tours of a wide variety of businesses. The monthly activities also are very attractive.The friendships that have developed over the years are priceless. - Mervin


  • My husband and I moved to the Kawartha area 18 months ago, we didn't know anyone in the area and were looking to join something to make new friends. We noticed an article in the local paper mentioning that a Probus Club was hoping to start in Fenlon Falls. We put our names on the list and joined as soon as it was up and running. We have enjoyed being members of the Fenlon Falls club, we have met a lot of new people and really enjoyed the speakers they have at the monthly meetings. They have a lot of social activities, we usually go to the lunch after our meetings and we go to the breakfast mornings that are held once a month. We have also gone to the Theatre with the club, and socials such as dinner and dances. We have met a lot of new members and hope to meet many more. - Ronnie


  • I joined PROBUS a few years ago and have found a group of retired individuals who are passionate about learning. Our monthly speakers cover a variety of subjects and enable us to learn new things about our community. We commence our PROBUS meeting with a 30 minute social time. I have met some very interesting people, which can sometimes be a challenge once you retire. We have had outings, outside of the meeting time, that all the members seem to enjoy. I would recommend PROBUS to any retiree. The experience has been incredibly positive. - Penny


  • As I listened to the many reasons for joining a PROBUS Club at the Foundation Meeting for Burlington Mixed Probus Club I thought " my social life is so full, why join another club". I joined anyway, then volunteered for position of vice-president and have never looked back. I now have an even fuller and richer social life and have added the executive group and euchre group to my circle of friends. The reality of life is that we lose loved ones and friends as we age and social clubs such as the PROBUS Club are a wonderful way to make new friends. Nobody wants to be old and lonely. - Troudy

  • Upon returning to Burlington, Ontario, after a 20 year absence, it was extremely difficult to pick up where one left. Joining a PROBUS Club gave me the opportunity to socialize again & meet new friends. There have been many activities within the PROBUS Club which I joined & which a person can participate or not. Again by joining these activity groups you can easily make new friendships in a friendly environment and keep oneself extremely busy. I have no hesitation but continue my membership. - Sid

  • I believe that PROBUS provides a valuable resource for seniors who wish to remain engaged after they retire from the professional or business world. People are retiring later and remaining active far longer. PROBUS provides opportunities for members, and to engage them when moving forward with the next chapter in their life. With PROBUS we have more opportunities to expand our interests, more ways to enjoy our free time, and more opportunities to expand our social circles. - Patricia


  • We will be celebrating, in great style, our 20th Anniversary in 2019. I've been a member for 12 years and loved every minute of it. Our ladies are lively, engaged and lots of fun. We have the most amazing guest speakers. We take trips to the theatre, dinner, galleries and this year to the Cirque du Soleil. I very much look forward to the meetings and outings and highly recommend this organisation - Bernice

  • As a newcomer to Kingston, PROBUS Club has been a great place to meet lovely ladies who are all at the same stage of life that I am at. I have enjoyed the variety of interesting guest speakers. The many day trips and outings have been well-planned and fun. Actually, getting involved and volunteering has made all the difference in feeling at home and part of the group. Belonging to Probus this past year has certainly brightened my world and expanded my social life.- Judi


  • Meeting new people and hearing interesting Topics and stories

  • I love all the clubs and opportunities to have so much fun with great people.

  • Socializing with interesting people, where no one worries about what you did before retirement (no judgement).

  • I love Escarpment PROBUS. As a newcomer to Milton, it’s wonderful to find a group so dedicated to social interaction.


  • "I had the pleasure and privilege of serving as the first President of the TWIN CITY WOMEN’S PROBUS CLUB, newly formed in 2007. I love a challenge and accepted this one with gusto. As a newly retired lady, it allowed me to use my leadership skills in a positive affirming way. One always gets more out of an experience when involved! Being the first President gave me the opportunity to learn in detail what PROBUS was all about and what it means to be a PROBUS member. This was valuable knowledge as I secretly wanted our club to be the “best” club ever! Thankfully I had the support of the convenor of our sponsoring club, the WATERLOO WOMEN’S PROBUS CLUB.

  • Over the 11 years, I have met wonderful new friends, enjoyed trips and day outings, enjoyed wonderful meals in venues new to me and other old favourites, learned new and interesting things from our amazing speakers, tapped along with a fiddler, swooned to a flamenco guitarist, and sung Christmas carols with a local high school choir. Life long learning is so important and PROBUS enhances this.

  • The members of my club have been awesome in the way they support club activities and support other members. Thanks to all of them who make being a PROBUS member a positive, fun, and rewarding experience." - Margie


  • "In September we will begin our 4th year as a Club promoting friendships, acquaintances and social activities. 2 - 3 bus trips and 2 catered luncheon events with entertainment at a venue other than our regular meeting facility are enjoyed per year by those participating" - Eleanor

PROBUS CLUB OF PORT PERRY, ONTARIO - "Members Survey Feedback"

  • Love variety of activities

  • As a relatively new member I find the meeting format satisfactory, appreciate the opportunity to participate in the many & various events but most of all I’ve enjoyed the speakers. Glad I joined!

  • Opportunity to make new connections

  • I like that there are lots of social and interest groups yet there is no pressure to commit to activities, just welcoming invitations.

  • PROBUS is wonderful – very friendly, lots of social activities, good speakers, no fundraising

  • Making new friends, options to do things that are fun


  • "As we all age and we need to socialize with new friends both male and females to explain our gold years with or without health issues. The PROBUS group has accepted myself and a friend in our early retirement years and as long as we can be helpful to this and other groups in our community. Now I can look forward to a regular schedule with the PROBUS group of friends with the different planned activities that we all can organize together as a group" - Brendan

  • I was a care giver for almost 10 years and when my husband passed away 2 years ago I found myself very lonely and without enough contact with other people my age. My family is great but they have their own lives to live. We were at the cemetery one Father's Day and I ran into an old friend. We were both there visiting our husbands and we had a wonderful reunion and talk. she told me about the Probus Clubs she belonged to and asked me if I would be interested in coming to a meeting. She passed my name on to the membership committees and the following September I went to visit both the Womens and the Mixed Clubs. I joined both Clubs right away and have thoroughly enjoyed going to both meetings each month. I have met so many wonderful people and have enjoyed the many speakers we have each month and the many social outings. I also have a wonderful new friend who joined the same day as I did. I thank my friend for caring enough to give me the chance to meet new people and expand my opportunity for friendship in PROBUS. - Pat

PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County stays connected

The PROBUS Club of Prince Edward County is still going strong throughout the pandemic. The last in-person monthly meeting was held in March 2020 at the Elk's Hall in Picton. Organizers took a month to sort things out and launched monthly meetings on zoom as of May 2020.

Established in 2018, the group usually meets 10 months of the year, taking a break for July and August. For 2020 and 2021, the monthly meetings by zoom continued throughout the summer to allow the club to stay connected with members during the pandemic.

Officially established on August 23, 2018, the club has grown from 88 charter members to its current count of 174. While some PROBUS Clubs have a limit to the number of members that's not something that has been implemented in Prince Edward County. "We're not setting limits on the number of members" says President Rick Moynes "because with more members comes more interests and that will keep us active, vital and meeting the needs of our members."

The pandemic has brought changes to the many activity groups organized and led by PROBUS members. Some groups, such as the current events group, the travel group and the book groups, have moved online to zoom meetings. During the summer of 2021 some groups met outdoors in the park to conduct their discussions. The hiking group, cycling group, walking group and snowshoeing group meet outdoors when government regulations allow. All COVID-19 protocols are carefully followed to keep everyone safe.

"We are always planning ahead to when we can resume in-person meetings" says immediate Past President Andy Janikowski. "Coming back together as a group is our goal and we'll do so as soon as it's safe. At this time, we are actively pursuing the concept of 'hybrid' meetings to allow for maximum participation" he continued.