President's Message

Brenda Andrews

By President Brenda Andrews

It is my honour and a privilege to serve as the President of PROBUS Canada for 2022-2023.  I am following in the footsteps of great people. I am looking forward to talking to our many members across this great country of ours; to helping facilitate the opening of new clubs and to having as many retirees join our clubs as possible. Now that the pandemic is fading into the background we can start a new chapter.

I have been a founding member of the PROBUS Club of Bradford for 13 years. I have also been the District 2 Ontario Director for four and a half years with one and a half years to go in my six year term. I have served on the executive board of PROBUS CANADA as Treasurer for two terms, as Vice President for one term and will now be President for one term.

I would like to say thank you to the four Directors whose terms were up this year: Marlene Pearce - Past President, Director of Atlantic/Maine; Jamie Doolittle - Past President, Director District 1 Ontario; Keith McGregor - Secretary and District Director 1 British Columbia; and David Scott - Director District 2 British Columbia. We appreciate your many, many contributions to our wonderful association.

I would also like to welcome our four new Directors: Mary Campbell - District Atlantic/Maine; Craig Greenwood - District 1 Ontario; Ian Kennedy - District 1 British Columbia; and Jack Zaleski - District 2 British Columbia. I wish you many years of success and experiences as meaningful as mine have been.

After 25 plus years as PROBUS Canada's Managing Director, Reg Whynott retired this year. Reg was instrumental in making PROBUS the success it is today and he will be greatly missed. Thank you Reg for being my mentor and your selflessness to the betterment of our clubs and members.

September 1st was the beginning of a new era, as we appointed Lori McDowell as our new General Manager (formerly the position of Managing Director). Lori hails from Callandar, Ontario and is a member of the Blue Sky PROBUS Club in North Bay, Ontario. Lori is a welcome addition and we wish her a long and happy association with PROBUS Canada.

I look forward to a year ahead with all the wonderful opportunities that PROBUS has to offer.